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Seeing is believing because Here, there be Dragons

To the Land of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

The day after Versailles was once again a rest day, when we once again, went shopping. We visited Lafayette, which is like the Parisian version of Harrods, just to say that we did. And then off to Rue de Rivoli for some shopping. And that was about it. Nothing really exciting (for you guys, I guess. I’m assuming that no one wants to read a minute-by-minute account of my adventures in soldes…

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Versailles Was a Little Bit of a Letdown.

The above title is a direct quote from my mother. We all agree. First of all, we were once again running half an hour late, but we still got in relatively early – we only had to stand in line for an hour. In the rain. We did not have umbrellas.

We bought umbrellas from the blokes who sell them from under their decidedly more colourful and stylish umbrellas. I swear, this was the best five euros…

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Inefficiency Is Our Middle Name.

Actually, none of us have middle names, but if we did, they would be inefficiency. Today was the day where we zigzagged across the Seine in a fashion that not even some obscure and highly advanced branch of mathematics, using eleven dimensions could describe as efficient. Most importantly, our route around the tourist sites of Paris was not efficient in practical terms.

We started today’s…

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I Finally Made a List.

I sort of disillusioned myself into believing that I could keep up with keeping track of all my adventures across Europe. Obviously, in my naïveté, I was so very wrong. I’m about to leave Munich this morning got Salzburg*, but I’m going to write about arriving in Paris instead, because chronology is important, even for a Doctor Who fan like myself (especially for a Doctor Who fan like myself).…

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I Really Like Info Dumps.

I like to write this blog the way I do my assignments: at first, with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, then not at all, then all at once (y’all were expecting a Fault in Our Stars quote, weren’t you? Well, I have neither seen nor read it, so no luck there). I’m up to our second tour in London, on Wednesday (I think).

This tour was about as hectic as the one before, but it was shorter, and our tour…

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I’m Super Terrible at Updating.

Which is not a surprise, really. I fully expected for me to give up on this blog once the novelty wore off. It hasn’t worn off just yet, but the last few days have been quite full-on, and I’ve come back home (and by home I obviously mean the hotel, because when travelling, home is where you keep your toothbrush) quite late and very tired. So this post is going to be long, and full of strange,…

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